The only place in the world where you can get award-winning, nationally-renowned Drue Sanders custom design and limited edition jewelry, and the legendary Drue Sanders client experience.

What separates Drue Sanders Custom Jewelers from all of the other jewelers? They use of state-of-the-art computer technology? The one-of-a-kind creations? The one-on-one interaction with the customer to create a truly original, custom-designed piece? It’s not that Drue Sanders offers any one of these services, it’s that Drue Sanders offers ALL of these services together – for each and every customer.

Drue will custom design your own special piece by appointment or through email. Create the perfect wedding band for your engagement ring, make your own special piece of jewelry, or redesign an existing piece. Because you select the gems and materials with help from Drue, there are no limits on what you can create.


Our mascot Shiner hard at work!