How Jewelry is Made

Consultation is the name of the game. Surpassing the expectations of the client is the ultimate goal. Drue Sanders Custom Jewelers achieves both through one-on-one interaction with each customer, along with the synergy of custom, one-of-a-kind creations and cutting-edge computer technology. Drue Sanders performs all of the custom designing for the studio personally. She holds a BA in studio art, an MA in jewelry design and metal sculpture, and is a Graduate Gemologist, certified by The Gemological Institute of America.

With the addition of computer aided drafting program called JewelCad, the creative team at Drue Sanders takes custom jewelry design to a new level. When a piece is designed using this groundbreaking software, the customer can see the creation on the screen—or a color printout—from an unlimited number of angles. Plus, alterations can be made to the design without starting from scratch. Once a final version has been selected, a mold is created directly from the computer file—precise to every minute detail.

The mold is cast in the metal of choice, jewels are set, and every creation is hand polished. The entire process happens from start to finish, right in our Guilderland studio. All of the pieces created by Drue Sanders are expertly hand finished by our team of skilled goldsmiths. The result is the perfect creation—specifically designed for you.