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With Halloween just a few days away it’s only fitting we talk about bringing your old jewelry back to life! Did you know that Drue Sanders Custom Jewelers specializes in repurposing your metals and gems? If your setting is worn out, out of style or something that you just don’t want anymore, we can fix and or remake your jewelry.  We will sit with you, show what we have in our showroom, and draw a new setting for your diamonds/ gems coming up with a new design to fit your needs and lifestyle, while saving you money trading in your gold or platinum. With our technology, we have the ability to show you the new design before it is made. Any changes needed are never an issue.

Many people come to us to have older jewelry remade that is very sentimental.  Antique jewelry that is worn out and in danger of losing the gemstones can be redone so that the stones are safe and secure.  We will replicate the design making sure that the setting will be thicker and safer for long term wear and tear. We believe that these pieces should be handed down generation to generation without worry.

What we also believe is very important, is to work within your budget and will do our best to fit your financial needs as well.

Don’t leave older jewelry that you are no longer using just sitting in a box somewhere collecting dust! Have a beautiful new piece made that will bring you joy to wear for many years to come!