2005: The Governor’s Award for Excellence

In March of 2005, Drue received her highest honor yet. She was awarded The Governor’s 2005 Award for Excellence as a woman artist. This award provides a welcome opportunity to celebrate the impressive achievements of women in New York State—rare individuals who inspire us with their remarkable strengths and talents. Drue was given this award as an exemplary role model and as a woman who has distinguished herself through her professional accomplishments and meaningful contribution, and is deservedly recognized for promoting the advancement of all women while furthering the course of human progress.

2005: The Evolution Collection

August of 2005 brought the debut of “The Evolution Collection,” a collection based on designs from the past, present and what the creative team at Drue Sanders feels the will be the designs of the future.

2003: The Donald Lancella Award

In 2003, Drue received The Donald Lancella award,” The Heart of the Cornucopia,” from Living Resources for her dedication and hard work behind the scenes.

2002: Living Resources Logo Jewelry

In 2002, Drue took the logo from Living Resources and transformed it into a wearable piece of jewelry for Honorees and Board members.

2002: The Collection of Seasons

In 2002, Drue designed the next collection, “The Collection of Seasons,” a limited edition of jewelry based on the four seasons of the year.

2001: 9/11 Commemorative Pin

In September of 2001, after 9/11, many customers called Drue asking if she was going to design a piece of jewelry commemorating the event. Drue designed a pin incorporating the basic shape of the Pentagon, the outline of New York State, and the Twin Towers with a billowing U.S. flag. A portion of all proceeds has been donated to The Twin Towers Fund, currently totalling over $7,000.00.

2001: Capital Region Toque award

In November of 2001, Drue received the Capital Region Toque Award given by The Capital Region Chapter of the American Culinary Institute for continuous support and promotion of the Culinary Profession.

2000: State University of New York Medal

In 2000, the State University of New York commissioned Drue to design and make their Presidents medal.

1999: Ronald McDonald Charities Annual Event Pin

In 1999, Ronald McDonald Charities commissioned Drue to design a pin for their annual event. This pin was fashioned out of sterling silver and 14k yellow gold, and depicted two shaking hands inside the Ronald McDonald House logo.

1999: Catholic Charities Pin

In 1999, Catholic Charities commissioned Drue to design a pin honoring a nun who adopted a young local girl who died of AIDS. The pin is given to honored donors and sold in the community for the charitable cause.

1998: Albany International Airport Desktop Sculpture

New York State Governor Pataki commissioned Drue to make a desktop sculpture honoring the opening of the new Albany International Airport in 1998. The design featured architectural details from the new terminal accented with the state’s stone—the garnet—set on a cherry wood stand. This award was presented to Governor Pataki and the Secretary of Transportation, among others.

1998: Women Run New York Medals

In 1998, Drue designed the medals given for “Women Run New York,” a run honoring women in New York State who have made a difference over the past 100 years. 1,500 large medals were distributed to participating runners and 2,500 smaller medals were handed out to all involved in the event. The design depicted women running across New York State.

1997: The Millay Colony Collection

In 1997, Drue was asked to design a collection in honor of the Millay Colony of Arts 25th anniversary. Drue designed this collection based on architectural and natural details from the original and new buildings and grounds. Twenty percent of all sales at the openings were donated to the Millay Colony.

1997: Commemorative Medal Design

Drue was asked to design and make the commemorative medals given to The Mohican Nation, The Dutch Government and Columbia-Greene Community College in 1997, in honor of the opening of the first Native American Institute to be opened in New York State. The medals depicted the arrival of the Halfmoon on the shores of the Hudson, greeted by Mohican Indians.

1996: The Shadow Collection

In 1996, Drue premiered a collection based on shadows called “The Shadow Collection.” This collection featured Drue’s original designs using specially cut onyx.

1995: The Culinary Institute of America Chef Award

In 1995, Living Resources commissioned Drue to design the Chef Award for the Culinary Institute of America (CIA). This pin is awarded to the top chef each year at the Culinary Cornucopia event.

1994: The Hudson River Collection

In 1994, with environmental issues in mind, Drue designed a new collection based on the Hudson River and the Riverbanks. Once again, this was a collection of limited edition pieces.

1993: The Albany Tulip Festival Pin

In 1993, Mayor Whalen and the Volunteer Center asked Drue to design a Tulip pin that has been given to each outgoing Queen and her court since its creation. Drue also donates one of these pins to the Tulip Festival each year.

1993: Enterprising Businesswoman recognition

In 1993, Drue was awarded third place in the Enterprising Businesswoman of the year competition presented by the Albany-Colonie Regional Chamber of Commerce. Drue’s name was put forward by multiple nominees, citing her positive influence as a role model for young women.

1991: The Albany Tulip Queen Crown

In 1991, Mayor Whalen and the Volunteer Center commissioned Drue to design a new Tulip Crown, which Drue donated to the City. The Crown has been passed from the outgoing Tulip Queen to the new Tulip Queen every year since its creation. The inspiration for the design came from the facade of the Washington Park Playhouse stage and is fashioned out of sterling silver, featuring 14k yellow gold tulips and a garnet accent.

1990: The Saratoga Performing Arts Center 25th Anniversary Collection

In 1990, Herb Chesbrough commissioned Drue to design a special collection of jewelry based on the Saratoga Performing Arts Center (SPAC) for their 25th anniversary. The collection took one year from conception to completion and featured jewelry designs inspired by local landmarks such as the Hall of Springs, the Little Theatre, SPAC and The National Museum of Dance. The collection opened at the Gala in 1990 and was exhibited for three weeks at The Museum of Dance, during which Drue donated twenty percent of the sales back to the Museum.

1988: The Albany Collection

Drue designed the first Albany Collection in 1988 in honor of the city’s Tricentennial. This collection consisted of limited edition pieces based on architectural details of many historic buildings in Albany. In 1989, the second Albany Collection included more involved designs and were once again limited edition pieces. Each piece was presented with signed and numbered certificates of authenticity.

1979: The New York State Music Award

Drue Sanders was commissioned to design the New York State Music Award in 1979 for then New York State Governor Hugh Carey. The design consisted of a musical staff in brass with the first five notes of the “I Love New York” theme song in sterling silver. The State’s gemstone—a garnet—was set in the first note. This award was given to Leonard Bernstein, Harry Chapin and many other notable musicians.